Suchomimus Rework

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Suchomimus Rework

Claw attack: the primary source of damage with relatively low bleed but ideal amounts of damage (roughly 50 dmg .3 bleed)
Bite attack: Secondary damage ability that is used to snipe players, it's what would be primarily used by more experienced sucho players to take down larger opponents (40 dmg)

Drenched blows
Nictating membrane

Tough Scutes
Amphibious scales

Back limbs:
Gripping Claws
Webbed feet

Tail attack (30 dmg)
Paddle tail

Hiss (20% reduced damage for 30 seconds, 3 minute cooldown)

This would put sucho in a much better position than it is on the main branch and PTB branch, giving sucho the capability to duke it out with apexes more competently (but not enough for any old sucho to win a duel against any old apex) whilst not struggling nearly as much as it is with smaller opponents which is its primary issue right now. It also provides more build differences, GP and TS providing it a 'land build' of sorts.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Game Mechanic Suggested by: Gooser Upvoted: 05 Nov Comments: 2

Comments: 2