Remaster Dinosaur Calls/Sounds

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Dinosaur call sounds in this game are a bit lackluster honestly. Deinonychus and Latenivenatrix sound like literal tiny birds. When we know that they were almost as big as wolves. A Spinosaurus, a gigantic apex predator, manages to sound less frightening than a lion. Volume of dinosaur sounds is very faint. You'd expect to feel the vibrations of a large dinosau'rs roar from very far away. There's barely any low frequencies in the dinosaur roars. Picture a tiger's roar. Do you think path of titans roars sound as terrifying or magnificent as that? To me they just sound like you're listening to roars from behind a dampening screen. Not a necessary change but damn, it would be amazing to hear an eotrike's bellows shaking the ground.

Under consideration Audio and Music Suggested by: Dragonborn Upvoted: 03 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1