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Increase sound distance for calls

One thing that gets me immersed is hearing all the dinosaur calls from a distance, but the range on hearing the calls is very small. It would be nice if the radius of ...
Suggested by: Lord (21 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 17 May Comments: 16
Planned Audio and Music

Silent Swim

Silent swimming ability for sarco, currently the croc cannot ambush properly from water without sounding like a locomotive. I'm suggesting it either as an ability or ...
Suggested by: James (29 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 16
Under consideration Audio and Music

Dinosaur Sound Rework

Most dinosaur calls sound like they're from the same few sample sounds and very few sound identifiable/unique. Many of them are hissy, tin-y, raspy and high pitched. ...
Suggested by: Pass (26 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 24 Apr Comments: 2
Under consideration Audio and Music

New update footsteps

The new update made EVERYONES footsteps so quite and it doesnt make sense i should be able to hear an EO's or Rexes footsteps before they get close
Suggested by: Bunny (24 Apr) Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 5
Under consideration Audio and Music

Semi-Aquatic dinos shouldn't make sound while swimming under water

game would be harder and also if u are playing as a sarco u can't ambush anything because it's making very loud sound
Suggested by: Antakent (22 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 21 Feb Comments: 2

Return the old Footsteps audio

The new audio is the worst you can't hear anything unless it's on top of you. So please bring back the old audio
Suggested by: Nela (24 Apr) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music Game Mechanic

Remaster Dinosaur Calls/Sounds

Dinosaur call sounds in this game are a bit lackluster honestly. Deinonychus and Latenivenatrix sound like literal tiny birds. When we know that they were almost as ...
Suggested by: Dragonborn (06 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 12 Mar Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Remove/Change Loud and Repetitive Croak Sound Tyrannosaurus makes when Sitting

The particular soundbite Rex makes when transitioning into a sit is extremely overbearing. Not only is it repetitive, as eating produces this sound along with most of ...
Suggested by: Doke (04 May, '23) Upvoted: 12 May Comments: 0
Planned Audio and Music

Change Sound Travel Distance, Keep Sneaking Steps Quiet

Currently with the new update, both the distance at which sound travels was dramatically reduced, as well as crouch footsteps being silenced. Footsteps ...
Suggested by: Modified (27 Apr) Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 2
Under consideration Audio and Music

Environmental sound design TLC

This may very well be planned for a polishing stage, but as it stands the game is nearly silent if you're alone and standing in the woods. Attention to the sounds to ...
Suggested by: TiltedCactus (12 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 15 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Ability to turn off certain sounds in audio settings

The quest noises, such as those for completion and progress, are very loud and bring you out of the immersion for the game. Additionally, I feel that they should go ...
Suggested by: SmaViking (29 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 17 Dec, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Remove the sound of swimming under water

When playing as a sarco or other dino that can swim, it shouldnt make so much sound while swimming under water. If you thrust i can understand that it makes a sound ...
Suggested by: Martin Golten Spjeld (19 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 20 Jan Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Decrease range of audible footsteps (Not to be confused with volume)

The current audible range of hearing other people's footsteps feels too close. It doesn't feel accurate to me at all. I've talked to several other players about this ...
Suggested by: Charlie (16 Feb, '23) Upvoted: 20 Jan Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Add wounded scream

Explanation: Have the character automatically scream loudly when it's been wounded in an attack. Reason: 1- functions as a distress call, and herd members will ...
Suggested by: LucaKowalski (30 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 06 Feb Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Water Sounds

If someone is swimming in the water or under, it should make zero or little sound to dinos on land. If you are in the water it should be as it is. This would make ...
Suggested by: ronns (23 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 03 Jan Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Sarcos Crushing Bite noise in water

Sarcos Crushing Bite should make less to almost no noise during the night when hunting in water. I think that would give Sarcosuchus more character in term of its ...
Suggested by: Darin (16 Feb, '23) Upvoted: 14 Aug, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

sexual dimorphism regardless of skin chosen

please add either a model/sound/skin/animation difference for us to be able to tell male from female. I would highly suggest a sound or animation added to make it ...
Suggested by: DapperWolf (16 Mar, '22) Upvoted: 04 Mar Comments: 0

Audio Falloff/Distance

FEEDBACK: Audio such as footsteps, roars, idle sounds and more should be adjusted REASONING: As it stands currently with growth being recently added audio is of ...
Suggested by: Reptul (30 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 12 Jul, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Re-Balance Volume (Things are too QUIET)

With the recent lambeo TLC volume changes, you can't hear anything now unless they're almost on top of you. Places like Birchwoods and Brokentooth are useless, ...
Suggested by: Jynn (08 May) Upvoted: today Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Daspletosaurus Sound Rework/More Emotes

Daspletosaurus, in my opinion, sounds a bit too small for its size, and I don’t mean walking wise, I mean call wise. This is a 8-9 meter long tyrannosaur and it ...
Suggested by: Tatsumi (12 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 13 Feb Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Change Deinonychus 3 call

I noticed on the discord someone mentioned this already, but I'm going to mention it here. Deino's 3 call is not intimidating at all, especially when you compare it ...
Suggested by: xStego (22 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 31 Jul, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

underwater swimming should be much quieter.

to be a stealth hunter, underwater swimming should be a ton quieter if not silent when not sprint swimming. it just tells any land dino close by that something lurks ...
Suggested by: rhianne (13 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 04 Oct, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Remove Jump sounds for Deinonychus and Latenivenatrix

As these 2 dinosaurs rely heavily on stealth and evasion solo or paired and when confronted with speedier dinosaurs it is vital for them to make a silent getaway and ...
Suggested by: Wanderer (11 Feb) Upvoted: 19 Apr Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Global Chat

I think the global chat in this game is what makes it quite toxic. Proximity chat would be a far better option, like how the game already has local chat. I have often ...
Suggested by: Gabby (18 Jan) Upvoted: 25 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music Game Mechanic

Soften Campto Chat Call

Camptosaurus’ chat call is now grating and loud, potentially giving away a player’s position far more than the previous, soft call. The suggestion is to either return ...
Suggested by: Oracleloaf (19 May, '23) Upvoted: 22 Feb Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Louder calls

I think most dinos should have louder calls. Conca's calls sound very good by the way! I hope the rest of the dinos will have a louder broadcast just like conca does. ...
Suggested by: Amilia (21 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 04 Jun, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Sarco Running/ Calls Remake

please ramake sarco running animation and calls, they are not immersive. i didnt saw any crocs running like a dog also about the calls, they are not immersive, ...
Suggested by: Antakent (25 Feb, '22) Upvoted: 11 Apr, '23 Comments: 0

Increase In Game Audio Volume

On PC the in game audio is way too low by defaut. You can't hear other players footsteps or the ambience unless you crank the volume. A general volume increase for ...
Suggested by: snoogins (07 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 08 Mar Comments: 4
Under consideration Audio and Music

Camptosaurus Call Adjustment

Camptosaurus has seen lots of adjustments to its calls over time, but right now I think it's finally starting to fit the animal. However, it's 2/Friendly call remains ...
Suggested by: Spooqi (29 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 22 Dec, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Revert or Modify Walking Speed/Audio - Walking is Too Quiet and Slow

Since the changes with how loud footsteps are when walking, I've noticed things I and a lot of other people don't like about it both in global chat and my inner ...
Suggested by: Gunmettle (04 May) Upvoted: 14 May Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Ragdolls make audible/visible "thud" when landing.

With larger creatures, the ragdoll often silently lands on the ground with no impact. I propose making ragdolls "thud" when they hit the ground, making a sound as ...
Suggested by: Kupkake (22 Mar, '23) Upvoted: 21 Apr, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Sound overhaul

The sounds need to be tweaked so you can't hear every little thing from so far away all of the time and to add a more realistic atmosphere to gameplay in general. My ...
Suggested by: Sirlurkselot (09 Jan, '23) Upvoted: 04 Sep, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Dinosaur Calls don't travel far enough & footsteps to loud

Would it be possible to at least make broadcast call travel Farther? As of now u never hear anything unless they right on you I think it would bring map alive more to ...
Suggested by: Shaggy (07 Jan, '23) Upvoted: 15 Jun, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Rain Stopping on caves

When in a world generated cave, rain doesnt appear nor makes you wet, it should be silent and cave ambience!
Suggested by: DocOra (16 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul, '23 Comments: 0
Known Issue Audio and Music

Customisable Calls

It would be nice to be able to choose a call set for each dino, with slight variations of each call. This could cost marks to purchase, or only be selected at the ...
Suggested by: SmaViking (15 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 27 Apr, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music Game Mechanic

Ideas for Hatzegopteryx calls and Skins

Hatzegopteryx is currently an upcoming and unreleased playable Aerial coming to Path of Titans. In this suggestion, I will be briefly talking about some ideas on ...
Suggested by: MouthGod (08 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 18 Mar Comments: 0

Toggle Dino Noise When Using Chat

There REALLY needs to be an option to disable dinosaurs making noise when typing in chat. With their not being any in-game mechanic to voice chat with party members ...
Suggested by: TastyBClaps (21 Mar) Upvoted: 24 Mar Comments: 0

Tone Down Loud/Sudden Beach Audio

The crashing surf ambience present at many ocean shorelines pops in at full volume at a certain proximity to water, sudden to the point of seeming louder than any ...
Suggested by: Toast (18 Feb) Upvoted: 19 Apr Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music Map Feedback

Remove Bird/Cricket Background Noise While in Open Ocean

The in-game background noises of bird tweets and cricketing make sense while on land or near the shore. However, these noises can be heard even far out at sea and ...
Suggested by: Idgo2 (17 Feb) Upvoted: 19 Apr Comments: 0

Latenivenatrix Sounds

All of this is about the Latenivenatrix: Please remove the sound made when getting up from resting/sitting. If you are crouched and jump make the jump silent. Set ...
Suggested by: Force Dragon (19 Jan) Upvoted: 20 Mar Comments: 0

Size Dependent Collection Noises

Self-explanatory, have increasingly louder or chaotic noises for collecting items that increase with an animal's size or combat weight. This would help other players ...
Suggested by: Nathan Cochran (07 Sep, '23) Upvoted: 30 Oct, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Stop Using Player Sounds as Ambient/Background Noise

Having fake raptor bites, dinosaur footsteps, and other player related sounds going off is extremely frustrating. It makes it hard to accurately track or pinpoint ...
Suggested by: Parasaurian (16 May, '23) Upvoted: 07 Jun, '23 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Put the ambient music on the "Music" audio slider

So, whilst I do like the ambient music, there is currently no way to turn it down as it isn't on the "Music" slider in audio settings as it probably should be. This ...
Suggested by: Silver (06 Mar, '22) Upvoted: 13 Aug, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Some Baby Dinos Need Work

So while I am absolutely ecstatic about the growth update, I will admit, some of the baby dinosaurs are definitely given a lot less polish and work than others. ...
Suggested by: Drakine (26 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 01 Nov, '23 Comments: 0

The same behavior when sleeping and waking up

Some dinosaurs make noise when going to sleep and waking up, I would like all of them to behave the same because those who do not make noise have an advantage.
Suggested by: nonamePOT (18 Aug, '23) Upvoted: 04 Sep, '23 Comments: 1

Spinos overhaul

1. Useless until adult 2.two slots for arm with only one ability slot for bite with two abilities 4.water drain is too fast 5.body blocks small fish making ...
Suggested by: QuIcKeNdZ (11 Aug, '23) Upvoted: 10 Jan Comments: 1

Remove Excessive Animation Calls

Currently, some dinosaurs make loud noises when they go to sit, sleep, or even randomly loudly make noises when drinking, eating, biting, or jumping. I think all ...
Suggested by: MaxChaos (04 Mar, '23) Upvoted: 28 May, '23 Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Make in water movements sound more realistic above water

Currently the sound for bitting and also for swimming is extremely loud and very noticeable for other players who are not in the water. I feel like they should be ...
Suggested by: Mamamii (27 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 20 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration Audio and Music

Lambeo Alert Sound

Okay I love the lambeo tlc. But is there a chance to make the alert sound any louder? It feels so soft and not at all alarming. For realism purposes it would make a ...
Suggested by: MeerCat (21 Mar) Upvoted: 30 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration Audio and Music

Tyrannosaurus should have quieter footsteps

There’s been some study’s that show that Trex may have had shock absorbers on its feet to help it muffle its sound when walking/hunting. This NEEDS to be a thing ...
Suggested by: Some random guy (25 Nov, '23) Upvoted: 30 Mar Comments: 0