Environmental sound design TLC

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This may very well be planned for a polishing stage, but as it stands the game is nearly silent if you're alone and standing in the woods. Attention to the sounds to create an immersive atmosphere would be extremely nice to see... hear. The more dynamic the better too, I don't feel like we get enough attention to general sound design outside of 'creature sounds'. (I hear the same freeuse sounds constantly in media which is entirely fair, but becoming easy to pick out).

Crickets at night are wonderful but what about other insects at night you can hear? Katydids come to mind but with several biomes fused together I'm unsure if they'd be a good pick, what would be? Frogs, dozens of species of insects to choose from, and other small animal calls. (I've seen that squirrel on the main menu).
Enhanced water sounds?
Immersive winds are already present and they're wonderful, they make me crave more variation.

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Comments: 0