Make Growth Shorter for Juvies

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With growth now released, a lot of people are struggling to find it fun and meaningful. This is partially because certain features are not yet implemented, but I believe how growth currently works is also a factor. At the moment, growth stages appear to be all the same length. Instead of the stages being even, progress should scale depending on your stage. The hatchling and juvi phases shouldn't take that long, because playing in those phases alone is a challenge since everything can kill you. Then as you make it to the adolescent stage, progress is notably slower. Lastly, the sub-adult phase and adult phase make up the bulk of the time spent growing your character. In doing this, players will have a more tangible sense of meaningful progress. This also falls in line with classic video game progression, where it gets harder the closer you get to the end. Simplist way to do this is to make the growth buff last longer in the early stages, and get shorter in the later stages.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: blub Upvoted: 14 Apr Comments: 22

Comments: 22