Daspletosaurus Sound Rework/More Emotes

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Daspletosaurus, in my opinion, sounds a bit too small for its size, and I don’t mean walking wise, I mean call wise. This is a 8-9 meter long tyrannosaur and it should sound a bit deeper. The sounds should be similar to the old sounds as they made it feel more like what it should possibly sound like. Also I feel the tongue of it should move at all, which it’s old model did perfectly, as it’s stated to a degree that theropod tongues are believed to be immobile. Daspletosaurus should also get more of its emotes back. Just having the shake emote doesn’t give more life to it, giving back its look around, stretch, and scratch emotes will make feel more alive. Daspletosaurus should feel more like a Daspletosaurus, nothing more, nothing less. To get a general idea, here’s two videos with all the old sounds and emotes

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Comments: 0