Suggestion to end exploiting the character system for revenge kills

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Revenge kills have always been a problem, but it's amplified tenfold with the addition of eotrike. The thing is nearly invincible up against everything else, and it can run or walk down the other large characters easily. Barely survive a battle with one, and another pops in before you can regenerate your stamina. Make an escape into water? The player quickly changes to an aquatic, be it a sarco or spino, to finish you off. It doesn't matter, they'll stack up as many characters as they wish to have their own army and completely ruin locations in game, causing others to lose marks unfairly. It's one thing if there are a group, but another if it's one guy exploiting the game.

Suggestion to fix this; if you haven't safelogged, or recently died (5 minutes on a server timer) you cannot login to a character within X distance of your last location. This distance is determined by the amount of group slots a character uses, more slots, more distance. Prevents tyrants from returning immediately.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: Killzone3265 Upvoted: 07 Jun Comments: 9

Comments: 9