Tyrannosaurus TLC ideas and references

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Path of Titans Tyrannosaurus design has always been controversial ever since its release almost 2 years ago. Because of this, and the new wave of TLCs coming soon, I'd like to suggest a remodel for Tyrannosaurus.

I used a mix of LancianIdolatry's tyrannosaurus skeletal, and Dan Folkes skeletal, these two are the most up to date skeletals we have so far of this species, and they are really good references for any 3d model.

I made a concept to show how I imagine tyranno's species would look like with an eventual TLC. Rex is the most accurate sub, based mostly off of Scotty, being bulky and having a really boxy head. Mcraeensis (replacing bataar) has a more slender body and small feathers, similar to the whiskers in the andrewsarchus mod rather than the quilla of conca, alongside having a small dewlap. Sanguis on the other hand has a row of spines going down its neck, sharper horns and lacks lips, being mostly inspired by Dinosaur Revolution's Rex.

Thanks for reading!

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Comments: 1