Added tools for modifying creatures stats, skills and abilities for community server owners.

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Added adjustment tools for modifying the stats, skills, and abilities of official creatures and modded creatures in this games are freely given to community server owners.

On many community servers, such as Arazoa, server owners can freely modify the state of their creatures. But cannot modify skill abilities at all, such as linking cooldown between two skills, limiting the use of some skills, such as Sarcosuchus's Clamp that can only grab targets with CW less than 3000 or Pounce. Achillobator's ability can only be used on targets with CW above 5000, making it difficult for community servers to adjust the balance to be used only on their own servers. Therefore, there should be more tools to help server owners modify creatures' abilities to their liking.

Therefore, I would like to ask the Alderon team to take this suggestion into consideration.

Under consideration Server Hosting Suggested by: MrBlank Upvoted: 29 Feb Comments: 0

Comments: 0