Kaiwhekea TLC ideas and references

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Considering that future TLCs have been confirmed, I'd like to suggest some tweaks for Kaiwhekea.

Currently, kai's design is incredibly innacurate, having lips (which plesiosaurs lacked), no interlocking teeth, its flippers are too small and round for an aristonectin and its neck is too thin. This makes ingame kai a really unfaithful representation of the real animal, and makes it stand out (in a negative way) a lot when compared to eurhinosaurus, which is incredibly accurate.

Considering this, I'd like to suggest a TLC for Kaiwhekea, to improve its anatomy and texturing. Kaiwhekea as I mentioned is an aristonectin, so besides kaiwhekea's itself, the best taxa to help reconstruct it would be Aristonectes and Mortuneria. As for exact references, best ones to use would be kaiwhekea's skull from its description paper, randomdino"s aristonectes and prehistoric planet's mortuneria.

I made a quick concept showing how these improvements would affect its subspecies, thank for reading!

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Comments: 1