Server Settings that allow Community Servers to set up Seasons!

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Right now some community servers set up dry and wet seasons via the weather being either less frequent or more, and enabling/disabling water quality. I feel there could be more customizability. these could also help making people more more !

- Whenever it doesnt rain for a longer time, the sun should become unbearing to water sources, drying them out more quickly than usual. While rainy weather keeps it higher up.
- Shady areas like forests and their water sources dry out less during less rain.
- Give a maybe (not too harsh) setting that allows a warm and cold system, nights being colder than days, you wanna seek shelter during cold and warm settings, some animals are more resilient to heat/cold like others. ie. crocodiles basking alot in the sun. ie. feathered animals not minding the cold too much.

in my opinion the replenish quest should be possible to be disabled for these things to function.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Server Hosting Suggested by: Maedow Upvoted: 02 Apr Comments: 0

Comments: 0