Stop nerfing raptors!

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Raptors themselves do not need anymore nerfs! Those of us who main PvP raptor on official have finally been given an ability to make us viable against dinosaurs without slick hide/feathers (most have it), while pycno and cera reflect damage. Many will bait pounce to inflict way more damage to the raptor, and fundamentally we are still “one-shot” dinos no matter how much lower skill players want to complain. It’s still quite easy to kill even the best raptor mains in the game, and to take away our bleed is to neuter us worse than we were before pounce was released - not to mention pounce itself will get a nerf and raptor strikes is almost worthless in a dogfight. All of the BS complaints aren’t from raptors actually being OP, it’s based on volume. There have never been this many raptors active in the game before, and many players are upset that we are now a viable PvP dino. Our speed was nerfed, our speed boost taken away, and stam regen nerfed. Speed boost while grouped is lame.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Blackshook Upvoted: 16 Jun Comments: 33

Comments: 33