Apex carnivores and herbivores are not respected and feared as they should be

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I feel that apex are undervalued and are not feared as they should be, I am attacked more by small and medium carnivores than I hunt herbivores, when I play with carnivorous apex, when I play with spinosaurus, I have never been intimidated by small or medium carnivores, precisely because it takes time and effort to take down something so large, attacking an apex is knowing that you have in mind that you could end up dead for attacking something like that, I am a player who almost always plays alone, and I know that most of the apex players are like that too, I suggest a 950-1000 health buff for eotriceratops, tyrannosaurus and apex herbivores and carnivores, so they can match spinosaurus and barsboldia and others, and an increase in combat weight to 7500 or 8000, It's very frustrating that you play with something that should be feared and alone and be surrounded by 6 megalanias, this is really frustrating, apex herbivores and carnivores need this change.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: PaleoTitan Upvoted: 17 Feb Comments: 0

Comments: 0