Settings Option to Disable Server Announcements

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Probably under Social settings tab would be the best place for it.
- Display Scheduled/Repeat Server Announcements
- Display Admin Server Announcements

I mostly prefer to play on officials, however my friends do not. So when I play with them, we go on a community server. One incredibly annoying thing is having server announcements pop up, that stay there for roughly 20-30 seconds unless you open up the character menu to click off of them, which then locks you into the character menu until you open the escape menu and then close the escape menu. This HEAVILY interferes with fights especially given the size of the announcement box.

Some servers have announcements that repeat itself every couple of minutes, other servers have admins that are way too spammy with announcements. Would be nice to have two separate options to deal with that annoyance.

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Comments: 0