Expanded Water Quality & Weather

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tl;dr - Expand the list of commands and attributes that can be accessed and used for triggers within the RCON to enable more diversity and control over weather patterns within community servers.

1. GetWaterQuality - The ability to say /getwaterquality <tag> so that you can then use that attribute to determine whether or not a weather action is triggered.

2. SetOverallWaterQuality - The ability to say /setoverallwaterquality and set every body of water to a certain %, such as after a storm, etc.

It would end up looking something like this?

IF [getwaterquality hilltophaven 1.0] THEN [weather storm]

IF [weather storm] THEN [setoverallwaterquality to 100]

Under consideration Game Mechanic Server Hosting Suggested by: Turbulent Upvoted: 16 Sep, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0