several commands could be collapsed into one window.

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/promote, /demote, /completequest, and /editquest into one window.
new command /editplayerinfo <player> would bring up this window, and you can edit quests, add quests, demote, promote all on one, instead of 4 separate commands.

as a server owner, it would nicely trim down commands needed, and we could change a new members info all from one screen.

this image i made in photoshop, adds a few things, a members role below the ilocal world quest option, i changed the title at the top of the screen to say "player information", and i also added what i think the options would say, how they would look like as a view of selecting the role tab, and seeing the choices available, as well as the "give role" button bottom right.

obviously not perfect, but it was an idea i had and i wanted to showcase it off the best i could and how it would look like.

please leave feedback and changes i could make!

Under consideration Server Hosting Suggested by: Chris Upvoted: 16 Sep, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0