More Prehistoric Flora

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As I see the game progress with it's textures and updating of different biomes I have been really hoping to start seeing a lot more prehistoric flora get added into the game and it's environments as well.

It would be incredible for immersion and even learning purposes if some of the ancient plants we know existed back then through fossils and mummified stomach matter were added into the game. It would be even better if you can manage to piece together full on prehistoric environments with them too. A classic and good example is the prehistoric forest with massive ferns, trees, vines, giant bugs flying around and a deep river flowing through with reeds along it's edges. More examples are all of the prehistoric coral and aquatic plant life we have from ocean fossils too.

There is quite the archive of prehistoric plants and flowers we have discovered that would add a whole new level of prehistoric immersion to this game if they were pieced together into entire biomes.

Under consideration Map Feedback Suggested by: Sirlurkselot Upvoted: 09 Aug, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2