Health Hazard: Lower the Blue light tint in some zones!

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I love a lot of the map and lighting changes that have been done in the last big update. However, I have a very serious health hazard concern here and I think it needs to be addressed.

I have a serious blue light sensitivity, and I am far from the only PoT user on the game who suffers with it. Not everyone can afford blue light filtering glasses and a player should not have to avoid certain zones like the plague, just because an update dropped that made the addition of blue light in zones like:

Salt Flats, Burned Forest, Wilderness Peak

unplayable for those with blue light sensitivities.

I spent less than 5 minutes in Salt flats the day the update dropped. I ended up with a horrid flash migraine that left me in a crippling amount of pain and nausea for almost 4 and a half hours before it finally subsided.

Please, I ask on behalf of the community to look at these zones and think about lowering the intensity, or add an intensity setting that players can adjust themselves.

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Comments: 0