Anodontosaurus | An Attempt to Fix A Problematic Dinosaur (Before it Gets Worse)

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In light of the news of a severe nerf headed its way, Ano seems to be in grave danger of becoming one of the most unfun dinosaurs in the game.
I know that it's thought to be OP, but it isn't the damage that makes it so. It's Hunker Down. Taking 90% less damage while just sitting there is simply an awful gameplay style. Nerfing its attack just makes Ano more reliant on such a horrible mechanic that still won't be fun or balanced.

1. Remove Hunker Down.
2. Lower the damage reduction on Hunker Down.
3. Rework Hunker Down to function like Styraco's new Block -- crouching makes it active instantly instead of 5 seconds, but drains stamina while doing so and once stamina is gone, so is Hunker Down.

Currently, Ano doesn't need Hunker Down at all. It's able to reliably zone enemies with BB and agility and defeat them this way, while also being beatable by other dinosaurs. Hunker's existence just gives Ano a super broken and unnecessary crutch for bad players who will still abuse it

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Comments: 2