Further Mobile Optimisations

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For ages I have always wanted a dinosaur survival game to come to mobile, and you guys did it. Path of Titans is everything I wanted the dinosaur survival game to be. The dinosaur models are amazing, and the gameplay is fun and immersive even on mobile. The only downside to Path of Titans is that it has a lot of requirements to run it (understandable considering the game). I am currently playing Path of Titans on my iPad 8 because when playing on my iPhone 14 pro the buttons are smushed together - unable to be customised due to cut offs - making it unplayable. But on my iPad the controls are great, yet ever since the Gondwa update it has barely been able to run the game on the lowest settings. Without any doubt Path of Titans is the best mobile game (and in my opinion the best dinosaur survival game) but it requires more optimisations for mobile devices, to further reach the player base.
Thanks, keep up the excellent work

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Comments: 0