Territory Claiming System

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I think it would be a good addition to the game to add a territory control system. You go to an area or a section of a larger zone and if no one has claimed it yet you can claim it for yourself. Someone else there? Challenge them for it and if you win it’s yours. Only an actual official group of Dino’s (10 slot) could enjoy the benefits of having a territory claimed (eg continuous mark generation, boost to growth for quests, maybe nesting benefits when that gets introduced). This would add a lot to the adult phase of the game, while also providing benefits for growing dinosaurs in groups. Also it fits with Dino lore of being territorial. Lastly, it would encourage players to spread out around the map more to find territories to claim, rather than just sitting at the hot spots.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: Decksledge Upvoted: 06 Apr Comments: 1

Comments: 1