HUD and UI Improvements

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Hunger, Thirst:
Display percentage so players can make more informed decisions based on these survival mechanics

Health, Stamina:
Display actual stat values within the bars as well as regen or degen e.g. Health: 825/1000 (+5HP/s or -5HP/s). Improves combat awareness and allows user to collect more data while fighting so they can optimize their combat strategy.

Character Customization/Creation:
Display stat values for the dinos stat bars (dmg, survivability etc.) so we can actually make comparisons of different dinos stats. Tooltips/descriptions for the stats would be a nice touch as well

Add tooltips or descriptions for what each applied buff/debuff does when opening the in-game menu so that a user can see what the buffs/debuffs applied are doing. This way a user doesn't have to alt+tab away from the game to try and look it up. They will see in-game what the effects are.

Under consideration UI and HUD Suggested by: tweak222 Upvoted: 26 Jun, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1