Mobile controls overhaul

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Here some ideas I think should be added to improve mobile:

-ability queueing: be able to use abilities automatically without pressing the button (I.E I'll use bite and immediately click on claw even when the animation is playing and the claw will automatically be used when the cooldown is off)
-hold and release controls: hold the ability button (not just charged attacks) and it'll activate when u lift ur finger off the screen (camera control should be given to the buttons for easy aim)
-camera zoom should be adjustable via a scroll button cause pinch is buggy.
-free look button that doesn't affect ur dinos trajectory while moving but let's you see the surroundings, really useful when chased down.
-gyroscope control support and the ability to change its sensitivity.
-no crossplay server option for mobile (might be impossible in low populated regions)
-second attack button for the main ability on the left side.

These are just my ideas and hope they get implemented in game one-day.

Under consideration Quality of Life (QOL) UI and HUD Suggested by: Tofita Upvoted: 19 Jan Comments: 0

Comments: 0