Let server owners customize when ability slots unlock

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Community servers should be able to customize when ability slots unlock. For example, server owners could make a dinosaur unlock all of its attack slots at the juvenile growth stage, or have all dinosaurs unlock their hides at adolescent. This would allow more customization for servers that modify their dinosaur stats, create custom vanilla rosters, cap dinosaur species' growth at certain stages, or just like to mess with the combat system. Multiple servers that I play on have tried out creating custom dinosaur rosters by capping a species growth at a smaller stage, or having server settings that modify the vanilla growth system to be slower. These systems were fun for a lot of players, with the main complaint being that these systems usually sacrifice the ability to equip at least one of that dinosaur's abilities (most often a hide). Giving server owners the choice to allow a species to unlock certain abilities at a chosen growth stage would be great for these servers.

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Comments: 0