Fix and balance the quests system

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FIX: As it stands the quest system, the single most important mechanic and the only way to grow a dinosaur, DOES NOT WORK. New quests are supposed to pop up after completing a quest in the area but currently this almost NEVER happens, its a freakin miracle when it does happen. More often than not i end up doing one single quest in an area and then having to immediately move areas because the second and third quests refuse to pop up. I've heard that this is only suppose to happen as subadult and that adolescent dinos get 2 and juvies get 1, which makes no sense but even that being the case, my sub adult dino only ever gets 1 quest per area except on very rare miraculous occasions.

BALANCE: most quests, especially group quests ask for far too many resources. For example; branch gathering quests: there is no area in the entire game where 100 branches spawn so why on earth are we getting quests to turn in that many. Either reduce the amount required or increase spawn rate/locations.

Under consideration Game Bug or Crash Quests and Achievements Suggested by: Bryce Loudon Upvoted: today Comments: 3

Comments: 3