seasons , floods, droughts, storms and other natural disasters.

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You should make it so that there are seasons, droughts, and floods. This would make the game more immersive and overall more fun. It would also make it so that both ground and water animals would have to relocate to either other bodies of water or to higher ground. same with storms. It would add more immersion and make the game more realistic. There could be different types like lightning storms, blizzards, rainstorms, and tornados. It would be cool to make them interact with the environment. For example, trees that get struck by lightning would be black and broken and when they do get struck by lightning they would be on fire for a short amount of time. Or there could be lots of rain and that would cause a flood. There could also be forest fires that damage players and AI animals in them and after the fires, all the trees There should also be more rivers on Panjura so that the flooding would be more realistic, and when there is a drought aquatic players could move easier.

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Comments: 1