Suchomimus Ability additions (to help prevent powercreep)

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Sucho as of now is struggling on the PTB against the majority of the 3 slot roster, it being significantly larger and of a higher slot base
My suggestion for abilities would be ideal for sucho to spec into a land build to allow it to easier-ly combat opponents, whereas also allowing for further build variety. These abilities go as follows:

Fresh blood (taken from the translation page): Increased damage to an opponent who is bleeding, or when there is someone bleeding nearby

Traction: 30% increased turn radius with slower stamina regeneration (i'd say by around 15-20% due to sucho having a naturally pretty low stamina regeneration.)

Armoured Scutes: the main thing leading to sucho struggling in combat, other playables can give themselves what is practically free armour, making sucho's primary advantage (its higher effect health pool) negligable. Armoured scutes would increase its armour by 25%

Under consideration Creature Abilities Suggested by: Gooser Upvoted: 04 Feb Comments: 0

Comments: 0