Chat DISABLE Options for Server Owners/Admins (Or Extras in Settings)

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I'm the kind of person who likes the idea of having a chance for 0 verbal toxicity, so this suggestion is obviously biased. The point is that people might like having Global chat toggleable because it could eliminate location drops that are usually done in Global chat, as well as vastly reducing the chances of turning a whole server into an unplanned-beforehand (non-event) "manhunt."
This may also prove beneficial for some Realism servers!
I don't want just an "All or Nothing" like the Chat option under Social Settings. I'd like to still be able to chat with at least friends without having to type the entire "/Whisper [Username]" command every single message, especially when everyone isn't grouped or cannot be grouped at once, etc.
This would make a nice halfway point between the current chat system and voice chat implementation in my opinion.

Under consideration Server Hosting Suggested by: Amorphous Upvoted: 10 Apr, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0