More Customizability for Nametags and Hud

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I found a few suggestions close to what I was thinking but none what included a main points I wanted.
Ability to turn off/on/adjust the size any specific part of my hud such as:
- Group Names
- Health bars
- Group Icons
- Mini map
- Quests completely, I know I can toggle a specific quest off + the turn in markers but Id like the ability to remove them from popping up on my screen entirely
- Hud opacity

A massive increase in customizability for our hud layouts would massively increase user qol, adding the ability for each player to adjust all the information given to them to fit their needs. I personally prefer low impact huds, so having the mini map, the long text block then the boldness of health/stam/attack bars makes my screen feel cluttered and I often loose things on the right side of my screen/ get distracted.

Under consideration UI and HUD Suggested by: Elegant Upvoted: 09 Jun, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0