Home caves

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1) Despite the debuff from home caves and also 1 minute of immortality, groups of players continue to camp around them. Also, they use two or more dinosaurs to block the approach to the rock preventing the player from entering it and kill him there as soon as his immortality runs out, or simply prevent him from entering if he goes to caves from location.
2) There are quests around many caves. It often happens that the player completing the quest gets a debuff from the home cave. Kill a player in this situation is not difficult.
3) There is a logout time in the game. Why not make the same logout, but say in 90-120 seconds to enter the cave, and then he leaves the cave, the player will appear there on the same place on map.
Remove cave entrances from the map, and allow the player to enter it with a logout.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Map Feedback Suggested by: Mrs. Babadook Upvoted: 04 Jun, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2