Better Player Group Indicators for Staff

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(Point A) Staff members need to be in a group to see which players are in groups. In situations where there are low player count or people simply don't want a staff member in their group, this leaves us unable to moderate a lot of rules in our server (mix-packing, third-partying etc). Allow staff members to see other groups at all times when spectating.

(Point B) Group colors are sometimes incredibly close in hue and hard to discern who's in different groups. Some other system, like a command to list group members of the party's leader (who should be identified by a star next to their name in EVERY group), would be extremely beneficial for staff members of community servers. (/groupinfo [group leader] or /groupmembers [group leader])

(Point C) If a command were to be made to list group members, the leader of every group should be identified by a star next to their name.

Under consideration Server Hosting UI and HUD Suggested by: ixora Upvoted: 17 Apr, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0