HUD Map becoming customizable

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A huge Qol improvement, especially for mobile and any system restricted to a smaller resolution, would be the ability to customise the size and position of the Minimap.

I don't honestly know if it can be changed on Consoles/PC, but on Mobile the most advantageous playing "set-up" is a so called "claw' HUD, that allows you to use more fingers, in this case two for attacks, one for movement and one for camera control/jumps.

Right now, it is hard to place something to be comfortable for the right pointing finger, as it sits much more to the center than would be normal in other games due to the map not being able to be moved, making it both uncomfortable and putting you at a disadvantage.

It would also allow people the map in the upper center part of their screen on PC/Consoles, to potentially give more comfortable/peripheral vision.

Under consideration Quality of Life (QOL) UI and HUD Suggested by: Simovski Upvoted: 05 Apr, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0