Make rex generally quieter

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In the game the rex is currently one of the loudest and most annoying creatures (Im not considering emotes, most animals in pot are fine outside of spamming emotes, but rex manages to be so obnoxious by b r e a t h i n g) Its "breath" noise needs to be redone. I think it'd be better off just using a generic large animal breath noise like the other large animals do in pot, i dont really understand why the breath sound was made from scratch instead of just reusing old sounds. The breath noise is one of the reasons I don't enjoy playing rex. At the very least, add more variation to the breath noise and don't make it make th same breath noise with every action. Sleeping, getting up, and using almost any emote create that awful noise, which is not only repetitive and annoying, it attracts attention to you. So many situations where a rex may be sleeping in a bush nearby, but they panic and get up at the sight of me but that only gives away their position. Please just make rexes a bit quieter

Under consideration Audio and Music Suggested by: ArrowsSpecter Upvoted: 02 Nov, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0