Buff Iguanodon!

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I and many others have had just about enough of Iguanodon being an unviable dinosaur! Iguanodon is my personal favourite herb and i want to be able to enjoy playing as it!

First and foremost Iguanodon needs serious mobility buffs! It’s walking and trotting speed are way to slow, it’s stamina drains way too fast and it’s stamina recovery while walking is a joke! As a result it can’t escape almost anything!

It is just completely illogical for a strong, agile looking semi quadrupedal herbivore to loose stamina as fast as it does! As a result it can’t outrun or escape anos, trikes and Rex’s! It should be able to escape most if not apex’s at the very least!

Please help this dinosaur!

Also please bring back iguanodons old quadrupedal run animation as it looked so good! If that causes issues with the thumb spike attack consider giving iguanodon a stance toggle similar to the modded pera! That way it can toggle to bipedal stance and attack with both thumb spikes.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Zar 'Okramai Upvoted: 06 Mar Comments: 6

Comments: 6