Toggled Sprint Indicator

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Toggle Sprint is a great feature for console/controller players, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s on or not. Some characters, such as Thalassodromeus, struggle with being able to tell whether the sprint is toggled (while flying).
I suggest that the small footprint icon, next to the sprint meter, turns yellow/gold when your sprint is toggled on, and remains white when it is toggled off. This would visually aid those who can’t tell when their sprint is on/off (until it’s too late). Additionally, the this would make it so no extra text would have to be added to the HUD, so nothing extra would get in the way of the player’s vision. I think the colour yellow/gold would be best because it’d be a clear and easily visible for those who both aren’t and are colour blind.
There could be a small amount of options to change the colour of the indicator when your sprint is toggled on to better aid those with visual problems. Example colours for the indicator: gold, blue, green, and red.

Under consideration Quality of Life (QOL) UI and HUD Suggested by: Zarox Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 3

Comments: 3