Lower volume of crouching footsteps

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It can be very difficult to ambush/sneak up on someone with how loud the footsteps are on some creatures. Tyrannosaurus in real life was likely an ambush predator, but while the crouch still makes footsteps quieter, it still is significantly loud making it almost impossible to properly ambush someone. While in PoT the rex has ridiculous stats such as a comparitively large stamina pool compared to other apexes, and weirdly fast running speed, i think allowing animals to ambush would be beneficial for the immersion. Crouching should still make noise, but it shouldn't be as obvious as it is now. Your prey either has to be oblivious or it has to be raining for a proper ambush to occur. It's even difficult for some smaller creatures to sneak up because their footsteps are loud as well!

Under consideration Audio and Music Suggested by: ArrowsSpecter Upvoted: 23 Sep, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0