Corpse / Carcass Removal

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Remove set/standard corpses from the game completely. Player death corpse should be left behind for a short time.

It’s too easy for carnivores to find a food source in game. This leads to ecosystems completely out of balance with too many apex predators and not enough herbivores.

Carnivores should need to hunt or scavenge for their food. Not simply wander around and eat corpses the game gives them for free. If we also tie growth to caloric intake, the large apex predators would be forced to eat a LOT of players. Meaning one official server -properly balanced - would only be able to support a few or they’d simply starve to death.

This would encourage more diverse gameplay. - i.e. more herbivores since vegetation is readily available. And would encourage herbivores to travel together - rather than just KOSing each other - since they’ll be more heavily preyed upon.

Planned Map Feedback Suggested by: Only One Shinobi Upvoted: 24 Sep, '23 Comments: 3

Comments: 3