Sound overhaul

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The sounds need to be tweaked so you can't hear every little thing from so far away all of the time and to add a more realistic atmosphere to gameplay in general. My friend can hear me gathering and walking from the other side of the darkwoods on gondwa.

Dinosaur loud calls should be able to ring out and be heard from afar but fade in sound the farther you are from the source. Footstep volume should depend on the weight of your dino but also fade at a proper distance so they can't be heard from a mile away. Walking should be quite compared to charging. Collecting quest items and hunting critters can also be heard from extreme distances.

It would feel so much better if there was some kind of sound fade system where when you hear footsteps/collecting/hunting you know you're close instead of guessing how far away they are because everything sounds the same once in render distance. I think it would make areas feel less cramped and way better for stalking and stealth gameplay too.

Under consideration Audio and Music Suggested by: Sirlurkselot Upvoted: 04 Sep, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0