Home cave buff/debuff reworks.

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I have a genuine question for the devs, who does the homecave debuff help? Seriously, I have almost died because a slower dino almost dehydrated/starved because I happened to get the homecave debuff because I got too close. On the other hand I have killed many people next to home caves because I happened to be going to one and they happened to be leaving (the most notable was an adult amarga I killed as a sub-rex with the hunt herb quest). I have also been attacked quite a bit near the home cave by people camping the area. My next question is, why on earth are quest and food items in the stinking area? Like there are so many pinecones, flowers, mushrooms, and I even found a bush in various homecave areas, and that is just on the new server. Honestly, I would either make a small "safe area" around the cave or just add nothing. You already made a debuff when leaving the cave, and removed the ability to gain stamina in the cave. Why add more? Just remove the area it benefits no one.

Under consideration Map Feedback Suggested by: Light Wielder Upvoted: 11 May, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1