Add more water sources to Gondwa or a diet which allows drinking salt water

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Hello. Primordially, I'm going to present a problem with the new map, called Gondwa, most of the water sources are salt water and the fresh water bodies are all in the middle or south of map, leaving most of the north part devoid of drinkable water. This makes so it's very hard to find good water on Gondwa and this problem is only aggravated by the water quality system. Thus, the jogability of some playables is very affected as they can't find water that's drinkable and eventually die of thrist if they go to the north, which in turn makes it very barren of life.
Conclusively, it's suggested for the developers to add more good water sources for Gondwa at the north or make a diet which habilitates drinking salt water, so the playables won't be exclusively dependent of in land fresh water, so they could not die of thrist while travelling north, making it more populated and fun overall.

Some animals, particularly sea faring flyers need that, so they can exclusively depend on the ocean.

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Comments: 3