Flight Mechanic Improvements

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Flight overall works well, but there are minor issues that I feel should be addressed:
- Gliding should NOT drain stamina, or at the very least drain at a drastically reduced rate
- Gliding should maintain forward momentum, not force the player into a slow fall (unless out of stam)
- Reduce stam drain for flight overall, it shouldn't drain faster than swimming
- Increase subspecies jump height, the difference is pretty minimal
- Provide more ways to stay aloft in the environment (updrafts, steam vents, etc.)
- Speed lines (or something similar) to better convey velocity, without the ground as reference flight feels sluggish
- Make dive speed boost last longer/extend forward glide duration more

It's a lot of small things, but it'd do wonders in making flight feel smoother and better overall. At it's core the system is solid, it just needs some fine tuning, with the major issues being gliding mechanics and stamina drain.

Under consideration Game Balance and Stats Game Mechanic Suggested by: Thallasso Enjoyer Upvoted: 11 Nov Comments: 2

Comments: 2