Give Iguanodon A Quadrupedal & Bipedal Stance Toggle Ability Instead Of Charge Attack

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I love POT’s Iguanodon but I can’t help but feel that it has wasted potential. I miss the old run animation & it needs buffs.

I recommend getting rid of Iggy’s charge attack (as it’s kinda useless) & replacing it with a stance change toggle. This would make Iggy much more viable, unique and fun to play. Here is how it could work!

For the quadrupedal stance, bring back the old run animation as it was fun to use, scientifically accurate, & very polished looking. In this stance Iggy can run way faster, has way more stamina & can jump, but can’t use its thumb spike attack & can only use its bite and tail attacks.

For the bipedal stance keep the new animation but allow Iggy to use both right and left arms for thumb spike attacks. As for which arm attacks when, perhaps have it be dependant on camera angle or enemy position. In this stance Iggy has less stamina & isn’t as fast but does way more damage! A small buff to its thumb spike attack might be necessary.

Under consideration Creature Abilities Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Zar 'Okramai Upvoted: 22 Nov Comments: 13

Comments: 13