Amargasaurus needs a buff

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Amargasaurus has being claimed by scientists to be as fast as an Rhino.
I think it needs a speed buff for sure or it just needs to get its thick hide replaced by armor hide since the spikes and the skin across the spikes can actually count as some sort of defensive armor.
I have heard that it is also getting knockback, but only in its tail and dont get me wrong thats good but I think for something thats using basically it whole body to use its neck to defend its self the neck attack also needs to get knockback but not as much as the tail tho, but also the tail does less damage than the neck attack so people just ass ride you since amargas turning speed is also slow and the tails attack range is also bugged and it doesnt hit targets which are small and bitting its back legs when they are under its tail.
Health wise I think it needs a little (a very little) hp buff but overall if they can do this its gonna be a much more enjoyable dino to play as.

Planned Game Balance and Stats Suggested by: Beastmaster23 Upvoted: 12 May Comments: 8

Comments: 8