More playable Dinosaurs

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After I have gone through a few servers, I recognized people getting bored of playing landcreatures. I can see the matched groups of characterdesigns like sucho and spino or dasp and rex, so maybe its possible to create new designgroups like flying dinosaurs, marinecreatures, snakes and maybe ice age creatures. Ofc its a lot of work, and your game is already a masterpiece, but some people just create a new character to go to the most popular spot on the server and chill out. With even more Characters, they will get the fear, adrenalin and the special fun of a wildlife surviving game. Pterosaurs like dimorphodon and rhamphorhynchus, which can climb on barely types of trees. Also pterosaurs like quetzalquatlus or dsungarypterus, which are able to fly all over the map with a high stamina cost. Or marines like megalodon and dunkleosteus, or plesiosaurs, ofc with more ocean added to the map. And ice age animals like mammoth or the teorrorbird would be so cool. We all love your game

Development In Progress New Creature Suggested by: Hannes Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 2

Comments: 2