Remove - Global Chat (Official Servers)

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The majority of this games issues have to do with the negative community, and the toxicity that resides in global chat. People cussing each other out, harassing, being vulgar and rude, death threats and terroristic threats as well as encouraging suicide aka hate speech & cyberbullying. It's inconsiderate how many people are rude when asking a simple question or attempting to consult potential confusion while learning new features etc. Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do that is being taken seriously when people take these serious offenses. We can report them but there are so many false reports anyway how do we know anything is being done.
(Keep local, System & Group)
Also removing global saves people telling others where people are located on the map causing bullying.

Under consideration Game Mechanic Suggested by: MrPinkAdventures Upvoted: 13 Feb Comments: 3

Comments: 3