Character Slots +2 For every new Dino

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I feel like you should be able to grow new dinos without deleting old ones,
I have grown 18 dinos atm and i know my last 7 dinos aswell
and i would enjoy it if i could keep growing new dinos that come out without deleting any old ones,
might be that i just wanna test the new dino and on the end i don't like it and i can grow the dino that i deleted again or if i like it i need to choose which one i prefer
Pretty sure im not the only person that is gonna have that problem when new dinos come out or when you have grown 25 dinos, we got already 27 dinos and if you wanna have different builds on the same dino there are slot problems for sure even if you don't wanna have every dino, so i would suggest add 2 slots for every new dino coming into the game, so you can build it on both versions like, speed and defense or if you don't like it just use it for another dino

-Litte Add-
would be cool if you could move the dinos on the slots you want and not when you created them

Under consideration Suggested by: SquishyHD Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 0

Comments: 0