Take on more Moderators for the discord server

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It's no secret that the Path of Titans discord has garnered many many MANY members in the past 2 years, and with all discords you get tons of rotten eggs and trolls within the thousands. This is remedied with moderation, however that's a key component that's severely lacking. There's 4 extremely inactive moderators for a server with roughly 50,000 members, which is nowhere near enough. Trolls are able to run rampant and post content and messages that can be extremely upsetting for members, including literal porn in a server containing many minors, and the content isn't deleted for hours after moderators are pinged. It's unprofessional and disheartening, the server could greatly benefit for more volunteers taken on.

(Nothing against the moderators themselves, the team being so miniscule means that they simply can't always be there every time one of the many trolls pulls a stunt.)

Under consideration Suggested by: Pog Upvoted: 13 Feb, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1