Add Playable Cenozoic Birds

This may sound crazy, but hear me out.
When Path of Titans was first avliable to try out, I thought this was a game that was only about dinosaurs and their fellow Mesozoic reptiles. However, that changed when Megalania was added and I saw that Leedsichthys was being planned. So I thought: If they are planning on adding several non-archosaurs into the game to the point of including a creature from another era, what's the harm in adding Cenozoic birds?

My plan for the kinds of birds to be in-game are Keleneken and Phorusrhacos (mid-sized predators), green-crested turaco and rhinoceros hornbill (small omnivores), harpy eagles (tree hunter), and Argentavis (scavenger).
Although it can be debated that the former two fill in the same roles as the non-avian theropods, but the latter four can flesh out the game more. The turaco, hornbill, and eagle can fill out the arboreal ecosystem Microraptor would be lonely in. The scavenger niche is open (Hatze is a hunter), and it could eat bones.

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Comments: 2

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