Therizinosaurus/Nothronychus as playable (in exchange for Miragaia)

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If you check the stretch goal list of herbivore species planned for PoT, only Pachycephalosaurus and Miragaia left. Pachy is a nice addition since it will be something quite new in this game, a meidium sized dino with possible charge with knockback/bone-breaking attack, however miragaia would be basically another, third already Stegosaur (Stego and Kentro already in the game). What do you think about changing this miragaya into something more unique, yet very interesting and beloved by many dinosaur enthousisats? How about something changing it into Therizinosaurus or Nothronychus? Taking into consideration that PoT animals are acurrate in build, this would be probably first palyable of this kind, awesome, feathered and intimidating. We would have a slasher/bleeder herbivore in the rooster of playables It would probably apply high bleed than damage itself. If you like the idea of PoT 'Murder Turkey' up-vote the idea :D

Under consideration Suggested by: Kajetan Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 18

Comments: 18