Hadrosaur attacks, Barsboldia buff

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I think that all hadrosaurs (Lambeosaurus and Barsboldia) should get stomp and kick attacks, because they seem logical and reasonable. I read from the dev blog that Lambeosaurus will get a back kick attack, but i wonder when it will get that. I also think that Barsboldia needs a buff, it barely does any damage now. It should do more damage because it's so huge. Also adding some combat sounds and kill animations etc. would improve the game a lot. For example when you kick or smack your enemy with your tail, it would make smacking noise. That would make combat more realistic. So far i have enjoyed Path Of Titans a lot, and the devs are awesome and seem to really care about the players. Just small suggestions to improve the game:)

Under consideration Suggested by: Active Path Of Titans player Upvoted: 22 Nov Comments: 1

Comments: 1